After a hard years work, I sat down and went through my wardrobe… and to my unfortunate surprise i was lacking in the department of essential clothing. Jeans, a warm jacket and a couple of easy tops…

Ok fine i just wanted an excuse to shop.. can you blame me for wanting some retail therapy?

So i decided to reward myself a little.. by taking a stroll into the Uniqlo store since they were having some great promotions on from the beginning of December all the way up to Jan 5th. Yeap one can bask in the wonderful sale at Uniqlo for 5 weeks!

Yeah i seem to be looking at warm clothing which is exactly what Uniqlo specialises in. Heattech – clothing that is able to keep you warm and retain your body heat. Yes i know we are in a warm climate country but we happen to be in a lot of air cond rooms.. which kinda makes you think you are in a cold country >.<

 The RedFM studio where i work in is superbly cold! I prefer feeling snug and warm, my brain tends to focus a bit better too.. Let’s take a look at some of the hoodies. Oh this would be perfect for my mom.. speaking of which December happens to be her birthday.. i could get this for her. Yes my mom is pretty hip and she loves her stripes hehe!


i’ve always wanted one of these bomber vests. The best part about them, is that they are light and yet they’ll keep you warm enough at your torso. Cold hands and fingers , just slip them into the pockets. Comfy!


As i mentioned before Heattech clothing. It’s all in the fibre, where the fibres absorb moisture from the body and convert its into heat energy.. plus heat will not be able to escape so easily..

Out of all the products, the one item that really really REALLY caught my eye for the longest time has got to be the Uniqlo Bra Top. I workout a lot and here’s the thing i hate having to carry to many clothes in my bag. Especially my under garments simply because i don’t want to ruin them everytime i thrash my bag around. Plus i’m on the go so often, it’s best to keep the clothes i wanna wear simple. No fuss no muss. If you are anything like me and you hate bra straps, then you’ll adore this bra top. No one will even know if you are wearing a bra or not…. hey don’t look at me like that, it’s the facts of life that ladies do wear stuff underneath their clothes! 😛

 For me the Uniqlo Bra Top is a complete essential. I’m soooo bringing this top with me next time i got for any of my travels. Did i also mention that the material dries real easily. I accidentally wet my top the other day, just took the hairdryer at the gym, blew on it for less than a minute and the small wet stain dried up almost immediately! I’m no kidding.. So for me when i can, i’m going to get the entire range of the Heattech Bra Tops.


This is on my wishlist, not on promotion at the moment, but i love the concept of this light weight jacket. If you look closely at the pic, you can see that there is a tiny poach that the jacket will fit into.  it’s thin enough to carry about in your handbag and practically weightless. Don’t have an umbrella, well this will at least help you for the time being. Since i’ve been going out riding lately, i figure this would be a good thing to have to at least protect me from the rain, if it ever happens to drizzle.


Now this really got my attention, as i mentioned. I work in a real cold area and with my job, i need to be energetic all the time. Which is why colours play an important role for me. I prefer wearing bright colours so it gets me into the mood for the day. The Uniqlo Reversible Fleece jackets are just perfect for me, and slipping it on, i immediately felt warm and snuggly. There’s a range of colours you can pick, from dark colours to bright ones to just simple whites. All at a reasonable price of RM59.90. Woot!! Go get yours and show me ^_^


Find them to plain, no worries you can alway go for the fleece with patterns on them.
The one i’m trying out here, reminds me a lot of a Japanese anime i used to read called Ranma. I love this jacket, it’s so cheery and it reminds me of Christmas. hehe Great of a gift your girlfriend.. just saying hehe ^_~ 
Let’s just say as much as i loved the patterned fleece i had to pick one. And if i were to choose between the two.. a reversible jacket will always win! so what do you think? Does the colour suit me? i wore it on my first day back to work and yeap i felt toasty warm. Love it!
So don’t wait Uniqlo’s promotion is going to en on January 5th! Tell me which apparel did you like the most. ^_^



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