Last Friday, Mynn and I had the honor of interviewing the young and very talented Italian singing group Il Volo! If you remember a while back RedFM Late Night Love Songs was giving passes away to listeners, you can read that here! Big congratulations once again to all the winners who really did their homework on the boys.

Finally after talking about the boys for over a week, we finally got to meet them! Il Volo consists of three charming young boys  – Piero Barone (17), Ginaluca Ginoble (16) and Ignazio Boschetto (16). Il Volo means “the flight” in English and indeed the name is very appropriate! The three of them met on the second edition of the Italian RAI TV music competition show Ti lascio una canzone, held in Sanremo. Gianluca had won the competition and the three boys performed the song “O Sole Mio” together. The flight is appropriate, as from that moment on they joined singing forces and they now have an album that’s already platinum in their native Italy!

The boys sing a genre called Operatic Pop. A modern version of Opera, if you listen to their song “O Sole Mio” the arrangement is different compared to the traditional song.

The boys were a joy to talk to. They were very laid back and  you could really tell they are very passionate about music. We didn’t really have to ask much, cause the boys were very open in sharing their thoughts about their music. Charming and mature, they handled themselves very well. Personally i don’t think the translator needed to do much as they could handle a conversation in english on their own. But hey hey, still good to have him around, whom i now know as Alex. ^_^

In fact Mynn and I got an Italian lesson with them! Check out the next video. This is how you pronounce their names correctly and how to say a few Italian phrases.

After all the talking, we took a few shots with the boys.

(L-R: Me, Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Mynn)

Hehehe.. sidetracking, i love how Piero reminds me a bit of Harry Potter, maybe a tad cooler cause he has an awesome voice!  For such a young boy, he’s got a very traditional heart or rather a “classic soul”, he’s quite cheeky too, which i found adorable. Gianluca has a John Travolta aura going on and seems the most mature of the group. You should check out the video of him when he received a word of encouragement from his idol Andrea Bocelli after he won the singing contest – here. It was very moving to see him tear as Andrea gave him a special message and i couldn’t help smiling as i watched it. Ignazio has such a cute teddy bear persona and he aspires to be a pilot! So cool! i was lost when he mentioned stuff like the name of a particular plane..

It was a really fun interview! It was really cool to know that my name was kinda the same as Gianluca’s mom – Lenora and Piero’s mom – Elenora. ^_^ hehehe blush.

Thanks so much for the interview Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio. i hope you guys had fun with us too.

Stick around for the update on their showcase performance at Bentley Music Auditorium. Here’s a quick snippet of what went down that day!



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