A restaurant with 5 star food at 3 star price.

That is how one would summarise Laman Grill; Steak & Bar-B-Que.


I’m a huge meat lover, I can’t go a day without having meat in my diet.. and even more so cause i need my protein after a good workout session. Hence when Milkadeal.com gave Mynn and I the chance to try out a Steak and BBQ Restaurant called Laman Grill, located in Shah Alam… my first thought was in order for me to travel so far away… the food had better be good…

It was better than good.. it blew me away! It is officially one of my favourite places to have steak now!


We met up with one of the restaurant owners, Mahdi. A hospitable host  who is an architect by profession but has a side passion for food. He runs the restaurant with his wife who’s just as lovable. Mahdi explained to us the concept of Laman Grill, which is to bring fine dining western cuisine the the mass market at affordable prices. The restaurant is located at the corner lot of Laman Seri Business Park, while you may think it’s hidden, there’s a reason for its location. The chef wanted a setting where people could feel as though they were relaxing on their house porch while having BBQ.


The interior of the restaurant is adorned with the awards and certificates the multi-award winning chef received over the years. There is one wall, where newspaper clippings over the years have been blown up – showcasing the people the chef has met in the industry. The ambiance is cozy and the interior is warmly lit. The kitchen is located right at the back of the restaurant, open for all to see. Clean and neat! Impressive indeed and gives people like me the comfort that hygiene is high on the list.

As i flipped through the menu, there was one page that caught my attention. It was the one where each part of the cow is explained briefly, so that you know what you’re eating. I learnt from the chef for me, as a person who doesn’t want the fatty area of the cow, i should always pick the tenderloin. Whereas Mynn who likes all the fatty parts should take either the Rib Eye or the T-bone.


The chef, mentioned to us that he wants to educate the customers who come into eat his food. Its a good policy cause half the time, we don’t know what goes into our bodies. A bubbly man, who has been in the industry for a long time, it was a real pleasure talking to him and his passion about food.

Let’s now take a look at the dishes we had for the night. Mahdi treated us to four of Laman Grill’s signature dishes – The Short Ribs, The Meat Lover’s Platter, A new kind of chicken chop and seafood pasta.


You should’ve seen our bulging as we looked at the wonderful food presentation.. and the sheer size of the short ribs! It all looked so magnificent, it felt like i was dining at a five star restaurant at a hotel! Presentation wasn’t the only thing that was impressive, at the very first bite of the short ribs, you could taste the quality of the food!!! Swwooooonnnn and droooll


the Meat Lover’s Combo Platter, something like mixed grill but better!

This is a platter that’s meant for people who don’t know what to order and would just like a taste of everything.


Beef short ribs, lamb kebab, grilled beef fillet mignon, lamb stew, chicken marble, mushroom-cheese sausage, onion rings, potato tart and chef’s sauce. The small square serving you see there is Lasagna Al Forno – which is minced beed and white sauce layered between pasta skin, and mozzarella cheese.

Braised BBQ US Beef Short Ribs, specially air flown from USA
In succulent smoked Texas barbeque sauce with Australian romaine-pear salads and open faced beef oxtail-US russet twiced baked potatoes.

This was my favourite dish of the night. I couldn’t get enough of the succulent meat that was so easy to slice of the rib bone. Oh my gosh i want to go back there for another round. For the size you are served, it is a very well priced! A dish like this in other areas, could easily be RM80 maybe.


Frutti de Mare
Tiger prawns, Chilean blue mussels, squid rings and Manila clams with mushroom, garlic, chilli padi and Italian fresh basil in a zesty tomato sauce.


The Laman’s New Version Marbled Chicken Chop; specially designed by the chef.
Ovenbaked layered chicken terrine, crispy cornflakes coated chicken drumstick ‘chop’, smoked chicken – potato quiche, wilted vegetables and wild mushroom sauce.

I absolutely loved this! especially the chicken terrine – which is the chicken breast area. I’m a chicken lover and also cause white meats is the best thing for diets. This was a wonderful dish. By the way you won’t be able to get this chicken terrine anywhere else in the world!!!


Laman Grill serves a-la carte dishes, but for the month of Ramadhan, they decided to come up with a buffet concept. The buffet is usually only available from Friday to Sunday, but for the month of Ramadhan the buffet is available everyday to cater to those who wish to have a wide variety of dishes to buka puasa with! We got to speak with the chef from Laman Grill and he mentioned that there will be more than 70 dishes served for the buffet; local and western dishes.


The assorted meats.


The Outdoor Buffet Spread, where you can have freshly made pasta right before your eyes!



Indoor Buffet spread and yes spotted are oysters


The Dessert spread had a nice selection f local kuih favourites. I saw one customer take a whole plateful of the cakes lol.


To end the dinner, we were presented with a delightful treat. Warm Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. The cake was warm and had a melted chocolate filling in the middle. Eating it with the ice cream gave it a mixed sensation of hot and cold. Oohh wow, talk bout sinful delight.


Laman Grill has been around for 7 months now and the response has been very good. On weekends, Mahdi mentioned to us it is highly recommended that one makes a reservations as it gets very packed. With that said, you should really really make the time to head on over to Laman Grill.

This is their Ramadhan Promotion

For the 1ST WEEK of Ramadhan: Adults = RM49.90 , Kids = RM25.90
For the 2ND WEEK of Ramadhan: Adults = RM55.50 , Kids = RM28.50

Laman Grill

Mon – Sun:11:00 am-11:00 pm
Parking is a plenty

The location of the Restaurant:

No G33, Block 5
Laman Seri Business Park
Seksyen 13, 40000 Shah Alam
Tel: 03-55237386
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lamangrill



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