Sometimes it’s nice to have a day off and just chill. Have a bit of an adventure, go away somewhere for a bit and enjoy the stillness of the day. Have the wind blowing in your face, on a high speed vehicle, getting my hair knotted up… Which is what i did last weekend! Took a ride up to Genting Highlands in the morning.. on check it.. a SUPERBIKE!!! And not just any superbike.. scroll on down to see what my ride was.. hehee..

Now i never got why people just go up all the way to Genting just to chill out at of all places..Coffee Bean and Starbucks. Huh?? You go all the way up just to have coffee at a place you can drink back down in the city. It boggled my mind. However after sitting on a Superbike for an hour, I kinda get it now. It’s the journey up with good company.  ^_~

From my understanding though, the main point for people to ride up to Genting in big biker groups or car clubs or whatever you want to call..Is just so they can park their car right smack in front of Coffee Bean, show off their ride, pose with a coffee mug and make it seem like they are “all that”. Which i don’t blame them hahaha… cause the rides that went up that day were truly awesome.

Check it out!

You’ve got your Lotus, Ferrari, Porsches


This is a nice car but the colour.. tak jadi la lol. In my honest opinion. I’d prefer red, hehehe. Oooo big surprise! 😛


ooh yeah.. bad ass much? 😛


These were the bikes that rode up that windy Sunday morning. BMW GS, Suzuki, Fiat, and oooo the one i really like is the R6. but wait wait.. my ride will be shown shortly.


Not part of the group i rode up with but still a nice bike. The Ducati Monster


Up close this Suzuki is smoking hot!


ooOOKKKK so my ride is in bright yellow.. can you guess which one it is.


Yeap i think you can guess which one it is. It’s that little baby monster right there.


So what is this lil fella’s name? The Can-Am Spyder! “Three Wheels. Endless possibilities” is just one of the tagline from their site. Check it out here.

Check out the seats. This is the top view of the Spyder.

The owner of the bike, modified the Spyder a bit and put in two exhausts to give an even louder… Vroom.. since i don’t know how to express it further.

I have to make a few mental notes on the next excursion.

  1. Always always always have your hair tied up and tucked inside the helmet. Cause ladies, when you leave your hair outside the helment – and while it’s great to have your hair blowing in the wind. Bad idea to leave it in the wind, because i had to untangle tons of knots in my hair! So annoying!!!! So yes, please make sure you keep your pretty hair all tucked and hidden away from the wind.
  2. To find a comfortable position as a bike passenger is real hard. The best is to just lay your head on the rider and chill. Or nap! Seriously just nap.

That was my first ride on a bike and i really enjoyed it. I was a bit worried at first cause i thought i was going to fall off, however i’m happy to say my rider was very comforting and took care of me well. Making sure that i was comfortable and safe. I can’t wait for the next ride.. there’s just one problem.. Now i WANT a Can-Am Spyder!!

But i want this one!

Tell me how sexy is this Can-Am Spyder 2011 RS. Ahhh one day.. i will own just like the Ferrari hahaha.. Actually come to think of it, getting this superbike is more possible. haha. Would you want to own a superbike? ^_^



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