Let me share a little story with you. ^_^

When i was in kindergarten or school, i really thought it was always cool to raise the national flag. Please don’t ask me why, but i just thought it was cool. You know the whole action of standing next to the tall white poll, and you have the flag being pulled all the way to the top. I don’t know, there’s just something very authoritative, military-like, honorable and patriotic, in that very action. It’s kinda hard to explain 😛

Yeah.. so basically when i was younger, i always wanted to raise the country’s flag. Somehow though i never got picked.. until of course i became the Head Prefect at my school. hehehe. Then it became a consistent thing that I always had to raise the flag every Monday. To be honest whenever i did, i felt a surge of responsibility and patriotism as the National Anthem was played in the background while i pulled the flag to the top of the poll. It was just a cool feeling.

I don’t know when i’ll ever get the chance to raise the flag again, so for the time being I’m going to dress up like one haha.

Also today, i had asked a number of people why they are proud to be Malaysia. Other than the fact that we all live in peace and harmony here, a number of listeners mentioned they are proud to be Malaysian because of the food… Ummmmm ok.. hahaha i do agree that we come from a country that serves the best food around! Be it Chinese, Malay or Indian.. and even Western food at times.

For me the coolest thing about being Malaysian is the ability to be able to speak in multiple dialects. For example we can speak English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil (some of us can speak all of that!). The best part is we can mix all of it together.. or at least three languages together. No where else can manglish or manchiglish be understood.

I’m sure if i were to type this “I’m super happy and betul betul syok, because i just makan-ed the best tasting Rib Eye at Laman Grill and the man who served me was a real leng zhai, seriously ke ai”. Hahaha i’m quite certain only a Malaysian can understand what i just wrote. Well for me that’s one of the main reasons i’m proud to be Malaysian. It is this unity that just can’t be beat.

Here’s wishing all Malaysian’s

Happy 54th Independence Day!

from the RedFM Studio!



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