Remember i wrote about the interview i had with the three Italian singers from the group IL Volo consisting of Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto? The day of the showcase finally came – Experience an Enchanted Journey with Il Volo Live in Malaysia.


The tagline of the day was “I’m here to be Amazed!” and for anyone watching them perform for the first time.. they were truly amazed. I spoke to a couple of people that night, and they mentioned they never knew about Il Volo, let alone enjoyed opera music. After that night – it was a different story for them. 🙂


The auditorium was seriously jam packed with screaming fans.. young and old. I couldn’t help smiling as i saw the much older audience, that sat right in front, jump up and down while waving their hands in the air… very much like the younger generation at the back of the room. I bet the young girl fans of the boys were sulking at the back as the audience in front – some old enough to be grandma’s – enjoyed the close up view of the Il Volo singers.


The boys were astounding! You wouldn’t believe that those mature smooth sounding operatic voices came from just boys at the young age of 16 and 17. Marvelous performance. They were very comfortable on stage and they had just the right amount of charm to make the girls swoon in the audience.

And guess who we met along the way ^_^ winners from the IL Volo contest that RedFM had the week before!

here’s Mynn, Yohanna, Tasha, Yaacob (at the back), Me and the lil brother Armin.

Was a real pleasure meeting you girls that day, and i’m quite certain that you are now hardcore Il Volo fans hehe. I sure do hope you guys had a blast at the showcase ^_^

For those of you who missed out on the showcase, here are videos of their performance. My favourite songs of the night IL Mondo and Painfully Beautiful. Oh my gosh.. all the songs were amazing, but Painfully Beautiful.. shucks.. i’ll just end up blushing if anyone were to sing a song with those lyrics to me. hehe i digress 😛



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