Life is never complete without a party. And it was that time of the month again… RedFM Remix is back in town but this time at Supernova!!! Spinning the night with the hottest tunes.. Our very own DJ Raz and DJ-Gmix.

The console was located on a very high platform. You can’t see it but you need to use a ladder to get to the top. So cool..two DJ-s were to spin at the top and it must be quite a sight to look down at all the people having fun.

photoRegister yourself before entering into the party zone.


Mynn and I taking a moment to camwhore with our RedFM wall!


Wheee check out my new Red leather jacket hehe.. it was a birthday gift.. and man do i love love love love it!


Meeting one of our avid listeners, Arthur!!

Sadly i couldn’t stay very long at the party.. but oh well. Till the next time. We are bound to have another party and the next one is going to be super epic! ^_^



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