This is the first time I’m celebrating the Hari Raya celebration as a RedFM Jock.

So when we were told we had to do a photoshoot wearing Baju Melayu. That gave me a very good reason to go and buy a kebaya! In fact this would be my very first kebaya.. All the while i’ve always borrowed one from my mom.. haha. Which are unfortunately too big for me. Anyway so i went a short mini goose chase to find a suitable one, and I was real glad when i found one that i liked. Wheeee so i’ve got my very own for this festive season!

No full length shoot unfortunately but this will do. ^_^


thanks so much to Brij for the photos. Do check out his Flickr page here at DograExposures! ^_^

 And then our graphic designer, Fai did a wonderful poster of all of us in our Baju Melayus hehe.

Wishing you all Selamat Hari Raya!

Mynn and I managed to do one video together wishing all Muslim’s out there a big Salam Aidilfitri! Now don’t eat too much at the open houses ^_~ Not unless we are there too hehe! Be safe on the roads too ok!





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