I remember the days, when i was  teen in high school.. where all my girlfriends were crazy over Westlife. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Irish boyband, but i do appreciate their music.  RedFM was giving away concert tickets on air to our listeners and they weren’t the only fortunate one.. hehe. The RedFM Jocks and RedFM Ryders went to the concert as well!
It was a blast!!
Westlife performed their Gravity Tour 2011 Concert at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil and this was to support their eleventh studio album Gravity.

They had these huge cut out boards outside the stadium, so i stood with the boards.. and i felt terribly short once again. lol… since i didn’t get to meet  Nicky ByrneKian EganMark Feehily and Shane Filan.. cut out carboards would have to do.. haha tragic 😛

Take a look at what was the setlist for the performances of the night:
  1. “No One’s Gonna Sleep Tonight”
  2. When You’re Looking Like That
  3. World of Our Own
  4. What Makes a Man
  5. Safe
  6. Home
  7. “Beautiful Tonight”
  8. “Medley”
    1. Viva la Vida
    2. Only Girl (In the World)
    3. The Time (Dirty Bit)
    4. Bad Romance
    5. I Predict a Riot
  9. Seasons in the Sun
  10. You Raise Me Up
  11. I’m Already There
  12. “I Will Reach You”
  13. Flying Without Wings
  1. What About Now
  2. Uptown Girl

Camwhoring with RedFM Ryder Priya… aiyooo why la blur blur! We were in rush.. i arrived a tad late to the concert..but at least i got there in time for the best songs of the night.


Look at the crowd all there for Westlife.. Wow! it’s quite a sight when you see a big crowd at a concert.


if i’m not mistaken i think this was Mark talking to the crowd.
One of the highlights of the night, had to be one a guy came out to propose to the love of his life and Westlife sang the proposal for him. Talk about setting a high benchmark! You have Westlife singing for you!! OMGosh!!! That’s unbelievably romantic and very well planned. lol.
Kian was so adorable when he told us that his wife was back at home with their new bouncing baby girl. he requested the crowd to say “Hi Twinkle” to the camera, so that one day he could show that to his daughter when she’s all grown up. That’s epic, to have a crowd say hi to you, when you’re not even their…. and when you are only an infant!
Here’s just one of the many famous songs that was performed that night by the boys. Their rendition of “You Raise Me Up!”

More videos coming up soon on my facebook page and on youtube.


It also happened to be dear Cecilia’s birthday, so what a lovely gift for her to come watch the concert with us.


Together with my RedFM boys – Terry, Jeremy and Ken.




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