The woes of shopping.. us girls… we can never get enough of clothes. We see something we like, we either contemplate on getting it or we will get the impulse to buy it. Uh Oh Uh Oh…

It also doesn’t help our purses when now all these fashion boutiques have websites where you can pre-select the clothes you want.. basically as a girl you will like everything and want everything.. die! So a bit of help in the moolah department is always greatly appreciated!

And ladies.. or guys..

i have a RM150 voucher for you to win from me to The Mail Fashion Boutique!

Looking for something chic, classy, hip or urban or you wanna just pizazz up your wardrobe a bit. You can find it all at The Mail Fashion Boutique. I really like the line they have on their website.. because yesterday’s style is yesterday’s news.

The Mail aims to deliver only the latest, most current and newest fashion trends to you ladies out there. Only the freshest choices are available at The Mail Boutique because yesterday’s style is yesterday’s news.

Oh and guess who was spotted shopping there? Miss Malaysia 2009/2010 Thanuja Ananthan and Miss Malaysia 2011 Chloe Chen were seen at The Mail’s Giza outlet! If the beauty queens were there, the boutique must have some good items to catch a persons eye! More photos can be seen here.

I always enjoy mixing the clothes that i wear. i’m pretty simple, when it comes to casual dressing, but i do like to doll up every once in a while.. within reason lol. Those who tend to be fashion conscious, The Mail Boutique has a wide array of tops, skirts, dresses and bottoms that will just help you express your very own fashion sense. 

They have FOUR main COLLECTIONS (

  • The Zsa Zsa Zsu line which boasts trendy leisure wear and caters to the confident woman who fancies something a bit more unique.
  • The Black Series which offers a variety of ‘classic’, ‘modern’ dresses, which can be worn for business or leisure. Need something to take you from the office to dinner in style? You will find it here.
  • The +Selection which offers sophisticated designs for plus-sized women. When it comes to fashion, size should not matter. 
    * I Love Discounts voucher holders will get a one-off 10% discount privilege on this entire collection.
  • The Basic section which speaks for itself. From cool Baby T’s to fancy leggings, the possibilities for mixing and matching the apparel here are endless.
You like?? hehee

So are you ready to go shopping now? hehehe.. i’m evil i know..
Visit The Mail at their website or on Facebook.

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All thanks to – Malaysia’s Favourite discount website

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