Our local songbird Zee Avi is coming back to Kuala Lumpur. So it’s very appropriate that her showcase is called Homecoming!

The 25 year old started her journey with music, when she posted a video of her singing on Youtube. From there it has been one charming track after the other. i’m so proud to know that we have a talent like her to embrace the likes of music industry in the US. Her arrangements are music-hall clever, her erudite lyrics reference the most arcane subjects, and her vampy voice camps up everything to the point of burlesque.

This is her latest album called “Ghostbird” and she’ll be performing songs for you live!!


Enough chit chat.. lemme get to the good part.

RedFM is giving away passes to her showcase. I’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for two of her shows and all thanks to Airasiaredtix.com

i’m giving away tickets from 10am-3pm for the next two days so quick try and win them from me by tuning into 104.9.

This is my favourite song from her..

But i also love singing along to this song



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