I’m not a parent but I am the eldest sister. I believe very much in nurturing our younger generation. For so many reasons. They are the future and we should encourage them to be the best that they can be.

And this December, why not buy your child or your lil bro or sis a soft toy as a Christmas gift. Not only will you make them happy you are so helping the future of one child out there!

For every soft toy or kid`s meal you buy, IKEA donates to help educate kids

The IKEA Foundation believes all children should have access to a quality basic education. School offers children a safe environment with support, supervision and socialization. They aim to improve opportunities for children and youth by funding holistic, long-term programs that can create substantial, lasting change, and enable them to take charge of their own future.


IKEA is pleased to share with you that the global annual Soft Toy Campaign is back. From 1 Nov to 24 Dec 2011, every soft toy or chicken nuggets kid’s meal you buy at the IKEA store will equate to a 1 Euro (approximately RM4.25) donation by theIKEA Foundation to UNICEF & Save The Children for kids in need to have quality education. This year, IKEA is aiming the campaign to be more meaningful and wants its customers to be part of the CSR initiative to give twice by donating their purchased IKEA soft toys into the donation bin.

In conjunction with the Soft Toy Campaign launch, not too long ago IKEA Malaysia hosted and early Christmas Celebration party  for 47 underprivileged children from 3 local charity homes. Checkout the pictures to see the happy faces of the kids.


It’s honestly a wonderful sight to see the smile on the faces of these kids. I think thats the greatest gift of all.


I think that the IKEA Foundation is an amazing and inspiring endeavor. I missed my chance to take part in this charity event this year but next year i’ll make it a point to be a part of the IKEA Foundation.. lets buy a Soft Toy for the sake of one child out there. Besides the soft toys are really cute!

Together this charity event a big success and for a brighter future to the underprivileged children!




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