It was a mad day… story of my life…

This year seems to have a lot of firsts for me.

The first time I’m celebrating my birthday as a radio jock and in the RedFM studio. It was really sweet of Rudy to sing me a birthday song on air too hehe.

I was on air as usual on RedFM from 11am to 3pm. The listeners were all just lovely and I was really touched by all the birthday wishes from everyone. I was surprised to even get a birthday greet from MUSCMalaysia, along with Manchester United cake. Ok the cake was only a picture but the thought was there and it’s a good thing it was only a pic cause I wouldn’t have eaten the cake… It’s too pretty!

And then another listener shared a pic of some really cute pink cupcakes with me. Hehehe thank you Wan Ling Liew!

While at Red I was greeted with another surprise.heheh… while doing my show.. I saw Leon standing outside with a bouquet of flowers. I pointed at the bouquet and back at me, telling him to come in.

Someone decided to surprise me with 10 beautiful roses! Oh my gosh sooooo sweet!!!! I loved it! And of course I had to take a picture with the gorgeous flowers!

It’s still in the studio now and I know for a fact that Terry loved it as much that he had to cam whore with it too hehe

The night ended with a lovely dinner session with family and loved ones. After working out so hard, it was a nice reward hehe.  Check out the killer desserts I had! Hehhee plus a cake I will never ever touch again!

Thanks mom and dad! And to everyone else who wished me. I can’t thank each person enough for making the day an enjoyable one.



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