Literally Thursday was a marathon for me. Terribly busy and just wanted to jot this down. It was a mad mad rush, but it was all in good fun!


Morning – Afternoon (9am-3pm)

RedFM Radio show from Eleven to Three.Busy playing the most awesome tunes on radio airwaves known to man  = RedFM! hehehe 😛  All the while helping out you guys in hunting down the RedFM Runaway DJS. That is a feat by itself, cause sometimes they either refuse to pick up the phone or they just don’t give a helpful clue >.< I persevered on, got my RedFM bandana and just pushed through in getting the clues!


 Hey, it’s  car that’s at stake plus a boot load of prizes! How can you not want to chase down the DJS!


Evening  (4pm-6pm)

It was finally my turn to become the RedFM Runaway DJ! So i ran and hid at Midvalley Megamall. The clue was “A central place between two highlands”. Below i thought taking a shot with Starbucks would be interesting. Cause here’s a piece of trivia for you.. Megamall is the only mall that has 3 Starbucks!


So i hid among the “leaves” next to Starbucks! But no one found me .. so i gave another clue..

Can you guess that it’s Megamall now..

Needless to say i was spotted and didn’t spend very much time with the car!


Night (7pm-11pm)

Rushed back to the office to get ready for the GSC Abduction Race Grand Finale held at One Utama GSC. Thank goodness everything was nearby. Pengsan! Now that was a serious fun event to emcee. There was a mini-amazing race competition, where the 30 contestants (yes that’s a lot) had to run around the two floored entertainment area to search for clues and carry out certain tasks at the different pit stop. All this just to find the final pit stop! The winner of the Abduction Race gets an entire Gold hall cinema all to themselves!


Not bad at all i must say.. this was a real marathon day.. lol.. I ran my radio show, I ran away as a runaway dj and finally i ran to the Abduction race finale. hehe.




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