RedFM always gives away the coolest prizes and this time because everyone has been requesting for it, RedFM is giving the listeners a chance to win a CAR!!!! We the RedFM Jocks are now on the run because we know you will be hunting us down and you won’t give up till you get yourself that car!


This is what you possibly could win. A Proton Inspira 1.8. CVT and RM100 Cash!!

The RedFM Runaway DJs Hunt will be running (hahha get it running) all the way to the 29th September 2011. The RedFM Jocks Mynn, Rudy, Jeremy, Terry, Arnold and myself will be taking turns hijacking the car to head to the secret locations. From Monday to Friday will be out and about in the bright Red Proton Inspira.

Step 1: LISTEN

Listen in to RedFM every hour to get clues on air. You can also find additional picture clues on our Facebook Page ( or our Twitter account (!

Step 2: CATCH

If you think you know where we are hiding, quickly head there to find us!

Step 3: WIN!

Be the first person to track us down and greet the Runaway DJ!

**You have to knock on the drivers side and the car must have come to a complete stop first**

That’s it, if you’re the first person we’ll give you a key to the car.

AND you could win yourself and IPAD 2!

This could be yours! This is actually my Ipad 2 which i’ve named Zeno.

 Check out what this baby looks like.

Wishing you all the best on finding us and for you to win that Proton Inspira! This could be your new car!!









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