Did we also mention that an Ipod Nano is up for grabs if you place the I Love RedFM Badge on your Facebook profile? Can i please mention a few of the cool benefits about owning an Ipod Nano… or Nana (this is a running joke on RedFM because i accidentally made a typo error and typed Nana instead of Nano >.<). Before i go into the benefits check out what the latest Ipod Nano generation looks like!



  1. It’s superbly small and light, you would almost think it’s not on you!
  2. It has a clip at the back (big plus points by my books!!!)
  3. It has amazing features : play music on the go, check out some pictures, and even check on your fitness with it’s in built pedometer.
  4. Now my ultimate main reason for the Ipod Nano… you can TURN it into a WATCH!! Just go get the strap and tada instant watch!

To win this.. this is what you need to do.

Step 1: Click on the PB RedFM Badge app on our fanpage www.facebook.com/redfm.my


Step 2: Make sure you have that I love REDFM badge on your Facebook profile. Should look something like this ^_^

Step 3: Wait for Terry to call our your name via air!!



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