Plot Twister 2

To his horror, Google Maps showed the GALAXY Tab 7.7 was located at his very own HQ!”

“Was that why, Lana was searching for something on the night he got jumped by her. OH NO, what was she up to? What on earth’s name is Agent S doing siding with this woman. He had to get out.. but how.

“What do you want, Lana?”She just tilted her head a little and smiled. “Nothing much, I just want..,”she answered “.. to see you suffer.””Why?”She frowned at Agent 7.7
“You really don’t know?You don’t have any recollection!?”
“Umm… no?”

“You’ve always been a jerk.. and this just makes you an even bigger JERK!” She spun around and immediately left the room. “Agent S..come!”

The two of them left and Agent 7.7 just heard the echoing sound of the door being slammed.Now was his chance. Handcuffed on both sides.. great what could he use. The surgical knives on the table! He tried moving left and right to see if he could nudged himself closer to the table. Thank God for rollers on the bed.Left. Right. Left. Right… Come on you stupid bed!!!!He finally got himself close to the table. His hand was just near enough to reach over for the scalpel. He fiddled with the handcuff and then..he heard an alarm go off, the room started to flickr a red light and the door opened.

“ARGH!! I’m not done!!”

He couldn’t see what or who it was, but suddenly he felt his hand was free..He looked at his hand, the shadow standing at the door had one arm up and his palm was faced towards Agent 7.7.. He freed him with his..mind?? In his other hand Agent 7.7 noticed the Galaxy Tab 7.7..the shadow got it from..
“FIND HIM!!” he heard a cry. Sounded a lot like Lana.
The shadow quickly grabbed Agent 7.7 of the bed and said in a gruff voice “Get Ready we are going to be moving fast.”
“huh..?” Next thing Agent 7.7 knew everything around him blurred and he was being pulled by the Shadow and they were running but extremely fast!
They were passing by security personals in the corridor and doors gates. Within minutes, they were outside. The Shadow stopped for a moment to recover and Agent 7.7 took the opportunity to look around him. Everything was covered in snow and the building behind him looked like an old fortress.. Wait he knew this place, but memory failed him.
“Gimme the Tab!” The Shadow passed it to him and Agent 7.7 started snapping shots of the surrounding.
“Are you done?? They are going to find us any minute now..” exasperated the Shadow. The ran a bit more but this time into the woods. The Shadow uncovered some kind of snowmobile vehicle and they both got on.
Time to leave this place..

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