“HQ is relaying the target’s position via satellite. Thankfully, with the 1.4 GHz core processor, Agent 7.7 receives the information in no time. Cameras on the scene are quick to pull up an image in real time. “Finally”, Agent 7.7 thought, “the identity of the villain will be revealed”. He rubs his hand in anticipation only to find out something totally unexpected.”

7 hours ago

Agent 7.7 took the first flight out back to Germany last night and was now back on familiar grounds. He couldn’t find Coleman, however he was ambushed by another colleague of of his, whom he had never worked with before but he heard that he rarely spoke or interacted with people unless it was of utmost importance. Agent 7.7 only knew him as Derrick. No last name.
Derrick grabbed him as he stepped into the terminal. Covering his mouth and bringing him to the men’s toilet. There Derrick just shoved Agent 7.7 to the wall and told him to hold it and just listen. Agent 7.7 didn’t put up much of a fight and agreed. Derrick just told him that everyone at the HQ was not themselves. They hadn’t been for 2 weeks. Everyone had been acting strange and it all began the day there was an intruder alert.
There was a terrible smoke that just filled every corner of the base. Every agent accept for Derrick had fallen into a sleep. But the away 10minutes later like as if nothing happened. However as the days passed, they each started getting into fights. Arguments over the pettiest thing.  Derrick took out his GALAXY Tab 7.7and showed him what had happened. He had also done some research and tried to find any source of information that could them.
Agent 7.7 just listened intently and asked “So now what?”

Present time

Agent 7.7 viewed back the images on the GALAXY Tab7.7 and that was when he saw it. There was a picture of a room. one which he didn’t know of. There was a girl behind the glass panel and she was in a hooded jacket. she looked very familiar..In her hand was undoubtedly a GALAXY Tab 7.7…but who was she and where did she get it..

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