Agent 7.7 walks away from the explosion with a knowledge that it is all over. He knew that there was no way he could have solved this case without the help of the GALAXY Tab 7.7.
10minutes before. 

Agent 7.7 had ran off with the bomb and the GALAXY Tab 7.7.. only another 10minutes left. he had considered going through the dismantle a bomb manual but that was wishful thinking. He only had one option to save himself and everyone else. he had to throw the bomb somewhere. Near to the building he was at, was the open sea. He just hope there wasn’t anybody doing some kind of diving practise there. He ran to the edge of the building and stopped himself before falling over the railing. He flung the bomb as hard and far as he could.

It landed in the water and it just floated there for a moment. Then it exploded with the water reaching sky high.
As he walked away from the explosion. The GALAXY Tab 7.7 rested easily on his arm. All that information, all that he lost as a person. He was still a wanted man..

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