Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying “This is just the beginning”
He tapped on the message and it opened up to a full screen. Attached with the message was a picture of Lana.. no wait it was a video. he tapped on the video embedded in the email. He waited a moment for the video to buffer and then it played.
“Hello Agent 7.7, lets just say we knew your next move. Of course i anticipated it, having known you all my life. You still don’t remember me do you. You’re such a hopeless case.. but i don’t blame you. What the syndicate did to you.. that’s enough to cause a memory wipe for anyone. i just hope one day you will regain all of your memory back. Till then keep your GALAXY Tab close to you..
She smiled as she said the last line. The video closed off with a picture of her..
L.F… her initials? Her name.. but what was her last name
Agent 7.7 rested his back against the chair and shoved his hands into his pockets. Something hit his fingers. Hard, small and had a round shape..
He pulled it out and found it was the locket Lana wore the first time he came into contact with her. He rested the pendant on the Galaxy Tab. It was the handcuffed pendant. Once again the words engraved on the pendant stared back at him..
Of course.. thats what L.F. stands for.
It’s not the end. Stay on to see who will win their very own Galaxy Tab 7.7 soon!

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