As I step into the lift of Bangsar Shopping Village 2 i would be greeted by the face of a lovely model. She has big smokey eyes and she is propped in a comfortable position. everytime the door closes i would see her complete features. No name, but there is a brand name situated at the bottom of this humongous poster. All it said was “Laura Mercier-Lingerie”. One would almost consider that they are looking at a lingerie ad but nope.. it’s all bout Make Up.

So yeah first time i heard of the name was reading it out loud to myself in a lift. LOL

A couple of weeks back I was invited by Laura Mercier through Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers to attend the launch of the new Laura Mercier kiosk in Sunway Pyramid. This was also to tell people about their latest makeup theme called lingerie. Yeap you read it right, that is the name of their new make up line. Light and natural yet shimmery enough to give you the smoldering look that will just call out to men! Nice! The key is to enhance your natural beauty – accentuate the positive.

Upon arrival at the event i was delighted as i bumped into an old uni mate of mine, Anita. I hadn’t seen in ages so it was good to have a quick catch up session with her. She was the lovely emcee for the night and she was going for the boudoir look.

As for me I was thrilled to give my new outfit from Uniqlo a try. It was a look i don’t usually wear cause i never thought i could pull it off.. i guess i matured 😛 It was from the Uniqlo Orla Kiely collection. Not exactly related with the the lingerie theme of Laura Mercier, but the colour codes were sweet enough for me. Classic and chique.

There was a competition during the event, whereby girls had to stand in front of the Laura Mercier wall and give their most fabulous pose. The best pose would get themselves a huge hamper of Laura Mercier products.

All the girls at the event, received a goodie bag. Will share the amazing contents in the bag later.

The event had Professional Make Up Artist who has been with Laura Mercier for 15 years. She’s worked and made up the face of tons of celebrities, to the point she couldn’t remember. Lol which i found adorable. By the way she had really wicked shoes for the event. (sorry off to topic) She showed the 30 female bloggers at the event how to apply eyeshadows and bronzers to bring out the shine in our face. It was informative although i wished we could’ve gotten a closer look at how she applied to the face of the model.

After that it was cam whoring time. Pictures pictures pictures.


Here i am with the rest of the MHB girls.

With my buddy pal Anita and the pro make up artist, Jodi Riley.

So now lets see what was in the goodie bag!


wahhh makeup kit, with lip gloss, dual eyeshadow brush, dark eyeshadow, shimmery light eyeshadow, base, serum and mascara! Nice! a compact mirror with lights perfect for your night outs.

 And i just adore the cute little “underwear” makeup purse. eeeeee sooo cute!!


 Checkout Laura Mercier when you can at Sunway Pyramid and Bangsar Shopping Village 2. In the meantime you can visit their Facebook page here.



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