My mom always said i eat my lip balms considering that i have so many. From balms to lipsticks to lipgloss.. i have a wide collection. Wasn’t much of a brainer that i had to add this new lip fantasy to my collection.  A new lip line to enter the market..

called The Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint.

Rimmel London 1,000 KISSES LIP TINT.

I’m actually already wearing the colour in this picture but lets take a closer look at what i may call my a “friend” that gives me one of the best lip service.

Rimmel London 1,000 KISSES LIP TINT.

Thanks a lot to Rimmel London Malaysia, i’ve got two new colours to play with. For my skintone, i prefer colours that make my lips pop, which is why i picked the Carry On Cherry (more for the day look) and Unstoppable Red (when i feel like i wanna have a mature and vampy look)

Rimmel London 1,000 KISSES LIP TINT.

The instructions are all plastered on the pen which is great since i wasn’t too sure how to work the contraption at the beginning. Ok ok, i’m not that duh, but i would rationally think that the balm would go on my lips first before applying any colour. That’s just me 🙂

Rimmel London 1,000 KISSES LIP TINT.

So here’s what the two tips of the Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Pen look like. The pen is like a huge marker, which is perfect for beginners and advanced lipstick users, who know how to draw their lips well.

The colour comes of real easily and immediately after application, you can see your lips having this luscious and vibrant colour! So here’s how to make your lips look awesome looking cherries.
Step 1:  Use the precision tip along your lips, and fill out everybit of the lip that needs colouring.
Step 2: Apply the lip balm to seal the colour and moisturize your newly coloured lips ^_^

Rimmel London 1,000 KISSES LIP TINT.

And taa dahh.. Awesome looking pouty wouty lips. Why the Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint is my new found friend.

  1. It just takes a matter of seconds to have your lips looking vibrant.
  2. The colour stays on pretty well. I used it for a party night on Saturday. It stayed the whole time i was hosting the event while taking a few sips here and there. That gets loads of points on my part.
  3. You won’t make a mistake cause of the precision pen! Double points!
  4. It’s Slim and perfect to slip in your pocket or handbag
  5. They have 7 gorgeous colours to try on..

I would recommend all girls to have this. If you Can’t have anything else.. at least have this. A bit of colour on the lips will immediately make you look like your ready to step out of the house. Ooooo and Rimmel London has an interesting iOS App that virtually allows you to try the colours on your lips. I don’t like trying to figure out where’s the next or closest store, so i’m real glad the app also has a map of all the locations you can find Rimmel London products. Smart!

Rimmel London Malaysia 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Iphone App


You can find it at any Guardian or Watson store. Price is at RM29.90 which is pretty reasonable and not too expensice 🙂 But good news for us ladies if you want to get more than two colours.. the new promotion price is going for RM23.90. Sounds good to me !!

Rimmel London Malaysia 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Promo

I also got news that if you buy at least ONE 1000 Kisses Lip Tint in a single receipt, you’ll get one FREE product from Rimmel London. Sweetness! However you need to scan the receipt first and upload it to for verification. Simple enough to get free stuff. ^_^

Rimmel London Malaysia 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Promo

Checkout Rimmel London Malaysia for more details and have fun with colours!

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