Ever since my life started as a radio Jock, i can honestly tell you sometimes i feel like my brain never sleeps. I’m always thinking of what to do next, what should come on next for the show, how i should word something before i say it live on air… and finally do i have any knowledge bout the singer i’m about to promote. Hey it’s a lot of work thinking about all that. To make my day even crazier i’ve started doing double workout sessions in a day, for my own personal fitness / physique goal.

Yes my brain seems to never rest.. like have a proper rest sometimes. There are some rare occasions where i just die on the bed, but i’m quite certain i’m subconsciously still awake.

Point is i need either supplements or some thing else to make me alert. Especially if i lack in sleep.. which i used to but the accumulation of not-enough-sleep has caught up with me and it has affected some of my memory or just the ability to retain the info given to me. Tragic >.<

My parents being the asians they are would feed me Brand’s Essence of Chicken back in my high school days. Telling me that it will energize me and give me the essential nutrients from the chicken stock. Till today i’m still taking Brand’s, which is why i was delighted to their media launch called “The Science Behind Brand’s Essence of Chicken”. Now i finally get to see how this works in me. ^_^

Upon arrival and registering all the media and fellow bloggers were given a goodie bag that consisted of one box of Brand’s Essence of Chicken.

Here’s me and Spinzer cheersing with our Brand’s Essence of Chicken. Bottoms up! – The good kinda bottoms up! lol

It was my first time, making my to an event that was organised in a cinema hall. Not a bad idea! Before that though we were given a little game to play… just to test our memories. Come onnnn first thing in the morning? Kill me already. Separated into teams of twos… lets just say Spinzer and i won, but all the four contestants came out as winners. I got another box of Brand’s Essence of Chicken!! Yay! 😛 Don’t forget to read his blog yeah!

I learnt quite a number of things that day. Let me break it down:

  1. About 85,000 brain cells die everyday – great so i’m getting dumber by the minute 😛
  2. This decline in brain cells will cause cognitive performance such as lower mental alertness and memory retention especially under demanding conditions aka STRESS – oh just greattttt,i’m a lost cause
  3. There are two parts of your brain – Brain Fitness and Brain Wellness
  4. There’s a way to PROTECT my brain! – OH THANK GOD!!!!

Dr. Philip Tsang delivering his presentation during The Science Behind BRAND’S Media Launch event.

ProBeptigen™ and Carnosine in BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken can help to maintain Brain Health and Brain Fitness to improve mental performance. BRAND’S® Brain Research Centre is part of the regional R&D division for Cerebos Pacific Limited dedicated to the research to understand the brain as the centre of cognition and controlling region for total body health.

ProBeptigen™ and Carnosine are the key bioactive peptides that provide stress resistance, neuro-protection and cognitive enhancement and they are naturally present in BRAND’S Essence of Chicken.

Carnosine is a natural antioxidant present in both brain and muscles. In the brain, it also serves as a neuroprotectant by preventing the accumulation of damaged proteins in neurons and shields against the damaging effects of neurotoxic agents.

Meanwhile ProBeptigen™ helps to enhance both memory and motivation to learn under pressure because of its regulation of serotonin – a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with multiple brain functions– which can be affected under continuous stress.


(L-R) : Rynn Lim the new face of Brand’s Essence of Chicken, Dr. Philip Tsang, Senior Scientist at BRAND’S Brain Science Centre, Mr Koh Joo Siang, General Manager of Cerebos Malaysia and Ms Carmen Liew, Marketing Manager of Cerebos Malaysia.

The new ad of Brand’s Essence of Chicken

Oh and Brand’s made it more interesting with the augmented reality game they had near the registration booth called the BRAND’S Brain AStation. Stand in front of the machine, it will detect your face and place a green brain on your head.  Then use the green brain that is provided to capture the Carnosine and ProBeptigen that float in the space void to collect “brain points” Lol. It was quite a funny sight to see. Below XiangCool is giving the game  a try – lol i can’t help laughing at his “smart” face. But he is smart!  After winning, you have to pose with your “smartest camera look” and you have a choice of posting it over at his Facebook profile to share with others.


Now lets make it a little more fun. Try out this brain test.. let’s see if you can figure out how many things were stolen in this video. I failed.. i only got two >.<

I think i need more Brand’s Essence of Chicken 😛 oh by the way only ONE perday mind you! 🙂 As i type away, i feel like to need one now.

Want to find out more check this page out – Facebook page at www.facebook.com/brandssmartliving.



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