I have just one word when i saw this collection.


I first came across One Piece the comic years ago when i was still in high school – written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. I remember reading the translated version of this famous Japanese comic in Malay. Oh i love the comic/manga and i thoroughly enjoyed watching the anime itself. The storyline is filled with ridiculous magic and a sense of camaraderie that you don’t see very often . Honestly the story is very complicated because there are tons of mini stories within this one gigantic tale.

Crux of it – A boy with special rubbery powers by the name of Luffy is out to find the greatest pirate treasure of all called the One Piece. But along the way he has to go up against the Marines and also other Pirates that are either more powerful or crazier than he is. Of course he’s not going through all this alone. With him are his sailing mates, that are equally just as lovable as him….So i don’t bore you, read more about the One Piece Story Here. Lol!

Anyway first time i saw the One Piece Collection at Uniqo.. I lost it! As a fan of One Piece and Japanese Anime. Uniqlo became one of my hot spots for Jap clothing!


I didn’t get the shirts the last time cause i thought it would always be there. Wrong – o! After a while the collection had ended… heartbroken i had to live with no One Piece Shirt 🙁 Ok la i could’ve gotten it from elsewhere but the thought and urge didn’t strike me.

So imagine how happy i was to see it back on the shelves. WHEEEEEEEE!!


A very satisfied me indeed!



And not just the shirts were back.. but this time i saw hoodies!!!

yeap nice big big hoodies!!
Are you a fan of Uniqlo One Piece Collection too?? Hahaha go get your shirt from the collection while they still last 😛



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