Last week The Star shared with the The RedFM Jocks a new piece of technology that will revolutionize print media. Last Thursday there was a special logo printed on the papers.. so if you were wondering what that weird looking red square was – It’s called the iSnap!


So what is it well read on. 🙂

iSnap is an augmented reality feature built into The Star Mobile app for smartphones namely Iphones and Androids. Using the phone’s built-in camera and combining it with image recognition technology, iSnap delivers multiple points of interaction within the camera view. Its tagline is “Bringing your newspaper to life” and that’s exactly what it aims to do by extending the breadth and depth of content available through your daily paper.

Here’s a video to help you better understand the iSnap.

How do I use iSnap?

  • iSnap is a feature found within The Star Mobile app which is currently available for iOS  and Android smart phones.
  • You need to download the current version of the app from the respective Apple App Store or the Google Play marketplace.
  • Simply hover your phone over any page (articles or advertisements) in The Star which carry the iSnap logo. After a moment, depending upon the quality of your mobile Internet
  • connection, the augmented reality layer will pop up (see diagram).
  • Press the Pause button and you may then interact with any of the icons, links and forms that have appeared.
I was delighted to know that they special link of mine was going to be shared on the launch of the iSnap application. Check this. This is how you use the device.

Step 1 – Open up the Star Mobile app.



Step 2 – Click on the iSnap logo and press Let’s Start



Step 3 – Focus your camera on the picture that has the iSnap logo, wait for a few seconds..



Step 4 – Ta da you will see links pop up above the picture!



Step 5 – Click on whichever that fits your fancy.. ^_^



Step 6 – A video will stream if you click on the video button. The information will stay the same for three days and on the launch of the iSnap i’m very proud to say it was my fitness video on “How To Do A Burpee”!So honoured! in fact you can view that video here… or just go on to the Star paper ^_^


You can check out more details here –



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