I’m not a fan of horror films and personally i would not watch them.. I’m just chicken about these kinda ghost films, i admit that. But thrillers are fine.. so is gore. Anyway today happens to be friday the 13th and I’m suppose to attend an awards ceremony later on in the day, where by the theme is… take a guess. Yeap – Horror!! SO just to get into the mood of the “black day”. I did up my nails.

What do you think of the blood splatter nails? The tutorial was so easy and inspiring to follow. It totally reminds me of one of my favourite Tv Series, Dexter!! right right??

Friday 13TH Nails

I added the Scream face as well and a dead body outline for the thumb. The Scream face is actually pretty easy to draw. For the dead body outline just make sure you have a pencil or a pin to drawn an outline before using the white pen to make the actual outline. Just to give an added touch, i made a blood splatter on the dead body hahha.

Friday 13th Nails

For the right hand to make it easier for me to draw, i made claw marks on the thumb. I made the marks with the white pen. Purely by accident the scotch tape i accidentally pasted on the white claw mark, pulled off some of the paint and gave the claw marks an interesting texture 🙂 Then just fill the white bits with red for the blood effect. Honestly for the ring finger.. i didn’t know what to do and ended up doing a geometrical design. I didn’t want to go to overboard cause it would make the nails too noisy.

friday The 13th Nails

Well here’s to having a fun Friday. Bad luck Friday.. meh. With these awesome nail design.. i’m having a good day already hehe.





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