I’ve currently in a nail phase and I’ve been trying all sorts of styles for my nails. I would like to think I’ve been blessed with reasonably looking hands from my mom. Who is superbly picky with her nails and hands. I can tell you even at her “young” age, her hands are wayyyyyyy softer than mine! Very well moisturized ^_^

Doing the nails is not an easy task and it’s fun to glam them up a bit. Especially when you have events to go for. I’m quite used to painting my nails, but recently I tried doing the nail stickers. I’ve used the one from the brand Naga before which cost about RM16.00 and I wasn’t impressed. It gave me a bad impression about nail stickers and I decided to not try nail stick ons again. Around the same time I did see Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips but I didn’t try it on the first go – even though I trust Sally Hansen nail products because it’s just too expensive. For one box, it cost RM45.90. Very the EX!!

However I saw a post online about the Sally Hansen Nail art stickers and I was very intrigued by how realistic they look on the girls fingers. Hence I decided to give them ago. And boy was it fast an easy.


According to the instructions it’s all done in three easy steps. Here’s a detailed video on how to apply them.

In the box there were 16 nail strips, one stick and the file. Now the file is important because it will help smoothen out the sticker.


I was surprised to find that the stickers were very soft and easily wrapped ad followed the curve of your nail. The nail sticker I tried before left a terrible crease and didn’t stick as easy. Making it fit to your finger was a joy!! So incredibly easy!!!

Ta Da!! One hand all done. On to the next one!


All fingers completed in 20minutes to my delight. There are 16 strips like I said earlier but because I’m such a “thrifty” person I managed to use on 6 strips for all 10!! Yeap if your nail is not that long you can afford to reuse the left over of one strip on another finger. Whee  so means I can use it again the next time!

The last touch just add a protective coat over your nail to make it hopefully stay on longer.

The box claims that this can last for about 10 days. Now I did this last Sunday on the 17th of March, it’s well past 7 days. The nails are still looking reasonably ok ^_^

My take on Sally Hansen Nail art stickers.

Time after sticking: 20mins, super fast
Look after sticking: very nice and realistic!
Compliments after sticking: Priceless!!!!!!

So is it worth the price RM45.90.  YES YES YES!! It’s my honest opinion. Now I’m just dying to try another design. ^_^



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