Last weekend i was scouting about for things to talk about for my segment the Red Steal on my show The Red Hub. While walking through The Curve’s Street Market / Bazaar. A particular stall caught my eye. A petite, hippiesh, cool looking lady stood behind a table filled with all sorts of badges. These were no normal badges but badges with statements.

I’m a fan of T-Shirts with funky, funny, serious and weird statements. So i decided to stop by and check it out.


Mei Ng is the owner of the stall I Heart Badges. How she started was such a cute tale too. An ex advertising freelancer she was saying she got fed up of wearing the T-Shirts with statements.. or was it tired of finding ones with the statements she wanted.. Something along that line, so she decided to come up with making badges with statements. Brilliant! A statement for each day. You can pin it any where you want and you don’t need to buy a T-shirt too heeehee. Love the idea and concept! She makes them all from her cozy home. I asked her if she made up all the statements and she said she did make some of them but the rest were the power of Google! hehe.

Take a look at some of them and I really liked how she packaged the take home bag too. It’s in a mini popcorn bag… aiiii soo cute!!


Mei Ng was kind enough to provide some of these really cool badges to be given as gifts to my listeners. Check them out. Which one of these statements sound like you? hehe

Do check her stall out. She’s usually at the Curve Bazaar. If not view more of the badges here: or their facebook :



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