Here’s a story for you.

I remember i had my first Valentine 8 years ago. It was a memorable one, which ended up with me getting into a relationship. Needless to say as the years progressed Valentine’s Day didn’t become a nice picture for me. Instead it was a day of stress.

Because a couple of years back I was the kind of person, that needed Valentine’s Day to be special and perfect. The place and environment had to be special. The person with me should’ve made it a surprise.. and if he didn’t make any arrangements I’ll be thinking oh the day is spoilt. Yeah i was a tough one, i admit it. lol but i’ve grown up.

This year was a memorable Valentine For me. I really enjoyed my Valentines hehe. Don’t ask me why but i did.. it was simple and sweet without a care in the world. Just free flowing.. minus getting stucked in the oh-so-expected jam. But it was all good.





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