This is the first time ever The Star newspaper has organised an event like this. I was pretty excited to hear about it, cause there’s no better time than now, for people to get educated on how to start living healthy.  The Star Health Fair is the 1st fair in Malaysia to incorporate every aspects of healthy living and brings health services and products of all fields into one area. It was held from 6th to 8th of March at Midvalley Exhibition Centre.

It doesn’t matter what age you are. You should always take care of your body. You’ve only got one to live with for the rest of your life on earth. So start young, prevent and maintain as much as you can in your mid years and finally just live life to the fullest in the golden years. The Star Health had everything : health checks, pharmaceutical products, fitness talks and equipment and event some fun activities.


At the fair you could take a photo at the Great Eastern Life booth and there were some very attractive prizes, for anyone with the most creative picture and caption. I like the backdrop. Such positive words. One should enjoy life and live it in the best way you know how… Of course i would also say in the healthiest way too! 😛


Fiqrie and I. LOL. This is what we came up with hehe. “We find FUN in whatever situation we are cAUGHT in!” Did you figure the art of the butterfly capturing me haha. Fiqrie is trying to save me. Me, Fiqrie, Terry and Mynn were the emcees on rotation for the fair. This picture was taken during Fiqrie’s session and he opened up the event too ^_^


Mynn and I on the second day of the fair.


Something i didn’t get to see on the first day. An adboard with me on it. Hehehe.


Here’s a clearer picture with me outta the way. Do join me when you can at 1pm-4pm on Red FM 104.9 in the Klang Valley. I’ll give my own motivational thoughts and share with you fitness tips from celebs and other health trainers. ^_^ Sure sure you can think it’s lame and all but seriously, i would consider taking care of my health and body now. In the future you will pay for the damages you’ve caused to your own body.

Now at the fair one of the highlights of the event was having it’s health ambassador Jojo Struys give a relaxation workshop. Here’s a taste of what you could’ve experienced. 🙂

Well actually you can experience it, cause during the fair Jojo launched her relaxation CD.

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a an interview session with the lovely lady on my radio show. We talked on ways to get yourself out of a stressful mood, how to speak with confidence in front of a crowd and…. how to not feel rejected when a girl turns you down lol.

At the fair,she had her own booth where she gave people the chance to hear the CD before buying it. I was having a time out session and took the time to hear the CD. It was very calming and Jojo’s soothing voice will guide you through the destress process. I have to say this girl is extremely zen, even her outfit was super zen that day.

Gonna fill you in on the CD in another post plus i have some good news for those of you who want to have a listen to her CD!
Stay tune yeah!



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