Starting healthy is not easy. I know it isn’t.. in fact the day i decided to go on my crazy low carb diet, i was mentally very psyched to do so. This high motivation feeling is a personal and you have to search deep within yourself or have something to trigger it. But i found that these are some ways that could help get oneself into the habit of eating healthy. It’s all in the mind and just remember that if you want to achieve that tone body, it’s 30% workout and 70% DIET! Not kidding!
  1. Eat healthily – getting healthy food at the office may be difficult not to mention costly, hence a good step to take would be to pack food from home. You avoid wastage, save money and time, plus you don’t have to join the whole lunch crowd in their queue. Just take the option to take on a healthy lifetsyle. And for those who think it’s hard, you have no life.. Let’s just say, to be healthy or unhealthy on a daily basis is a choice. So make the right one.


  2. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it – having a store of food at the office may seem like a good idea, but not so if you’re constantly munching at your desk. Take only individual packs of food with you at a time. Or the best thing to avoid any ind of temptation is just not by those delicious looking cookies, or pretzels or chips… yes i have a lot of temptations… in your house or car. Don’t place them anywhere within your reach. That way you won’t even think of eating something.

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  3. Portion control – to avoid overeating and learn correct portion size, set out the amount that you intend to eat in one serving so that you will be conscious of how much you have taken, rather than constantly taking from a common dish as you are likely to lose track with the latter. Sometimes i try to trick my mind by taking a small bowl and fill it to the rim. It makes me think i’m eating a lot when actually i’m not. That’s just my way.. below is a chart that’s pretty “hand”-y so you have an estimation on how much to consume.

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    healthy hand food portions


  4. Experiment – sometimes it’s not that we dislike a certain food, but the way it is prepared. Most people are not aware of this but there are loads of interesting recipes online. For me one i see a new recipe online, i can’t help but try it for myself in the kitchen. Among the recipes i’ve tried are like Jamie Eason’s protein chocolate cake and her chicken muffins which i’ve decided to give a different twist to. Or hey have you considered eating baked sweet potatoes wedges instead of french fries? Healthy and simply delicious! Check this out!


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    A few of the places I go to for healthy, guilt free and yummy recipes are Jamie Eason, sixpackfactory and health-bent. Have a looksie yourself and tell me if you’ve tried any of the recipes at home.


  5. Substitutes – good news foodies, you can still make your favourite recipes for much lower calories and fat. Replace butter with olive oil, sugar with applesauce, sour cream and mayonnaise with yogurt, and flour with instant oatmeal. Now you don’t have to follow this 7 days straight you can change it up. I always believe that you should have cheat days, so your body doesn’t crave for the bad stuff often. Try doing this, sooner or later your body will adapt to accepting good nutritious food intake. 🙂

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    Hope these 5 ways help you out and all the best! I’ll be struggling with you on watching the diet, be sure of that. But i see it benefiting me in the long run, as it will for you too! ^_^



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