Monday has come and gone but before the the sun comes up for Tuesday. Just want to share with you an intense workout i did today. I have to admit i really just let go over the weekend and pretty much ate whatever i want. Felt the sluggish and rubbish food just circulating through the blood stream. Hence today was punishment day.. well half punishment anyway cause i didn’t have the long cardio session i was suppose to have.

So this was what i did with only an hour or less.

Gym Workout

Warm Up: 10min jog to run

5 sets = 200
Decline Leg Raises 20reps + Decline Half Sit Up

Circuit: 4 sets of 3 exercises.
Mountainclimber 30s + jumping knee tuck 20secs + jumping lunges with sumo squats 15secs


Food Intake

Not something i recommend but i didn’t have much of a choice today. 
Breakfast: two wholemeal bread with vegemite gluten free, 1 banana

Late lunch:half a protein bar, a couple of strawberries

Dinner: spinach, chicken, strawberries, grapes and one green apple.

Really not a desirable food intake.. but i would suppose it’s a lot ess compared to what i had over the weekend ^_^


Work hard and play hard!



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