To really give me a kick in the butt this is how i started my Monday. I pushed as much as i could especially since i totally let go for the past week. Guilt ridden.. this is how i “Reward” myself 😛


30min interval – (2min 8-10km/h, 1min 5.5-7.2)repeat

Circuit: No rest in between sets.
Ex 1: 3 sets = 1min burpee + 30s crunches 
Ex 2: 3 sets = 30s mountainclimber + 30s side knee crunch
Ex 3: 3 sets = 30s dynamic squats + 15s close pushup

3 sets = Decline Leg raise 20reps+ Decline crunch 20reps
Cable crunch = 80
Plank 2mins.


Food intake

Morning: Banana, oats with grapes and one multigrain bread with vegemite

Snack: Japanese Fruit Tea from Tea Chansii


Lunch: Grapes

Dinner: Chicken and Mango Salad + Mushroom soup at Citrus.

Snack: pineapple, grapes (not very good to do so.. but better than anything else >.<)



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