After 4 days of not working out i finally got down to the gym again. Trust me 4 days of complete torture. When I miss even a day of sweat, I feel the pangs of guilt and my muscles just crave for movement (even though i know it’s good to rest it at least for a day). So like i was saying it was 4 days of torture. But it was a good rest all the same.

Kick started the week with a detox program and a burning leg workout. here we go ^_^



Morning circuit work 20s rest 10s

Dynamic squats+side taps+mountainclimber
Lunge kick+mountainclimber+dynamic squats

Afternoon – Leg and Butt Workout (This was killer but a good pain)
Hack squat 15-15-20-25-30
Walking lunges 6lbs dumbbell 3 sets..I really miss doing this exercise.. it’s been such a long time i touched weights and walking lunges. Love it!
Glutes 20kg 15 x 3
Adduction 22.7kg 15×3
Abduction 22.7kg 15×3
Fitball glute hamstring bridge 20×3

Crunchs plus obliques 200
Hanging leg raises 20×3

Food intake

Morning: Oats with one red apple.

A detox drink , Grape and vinegar with apple guava bits at Tea Chansii Malaysia🙂

Dinner was veggies and fruit.. no meat sigh.. But wow it really cleansed the system



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