After hearing the number of repetitions i was required to do for my workout.. i nearly fainted, but look look i did. So let’s get cracking.  ^_^


Cardio 20 minutes  – I usually interval it if it’s only 20minutes. But this time due to overdoing it for the leg workout yesterday (click here), i decided to go withe Crossramp or the Crosstrainer. Take your pick. It’s easier on the knees. In order to get my heart rate up, and to feel a bit more burn. My incline was at 9%-10%, normally i would go higher, however i wanted to focus more on my hamstrings, quads and glutes. For The resistance i upped it from 7-11. Speed i tried going nothing lower than 160.

Now move in immediately to circuit session.


Circuit Time

Work for 1 minute and Rest for 30 seconds. This was done for 3 sets.. faint!

Set 1 – burpee no jump + knee raises + mountainclimber

Set 2 – burpee no jump + knee raises + mountainclimber

Set 1 – burpee with jump and pushup + knee raises + mountainclimber



I always ensure i put in at least one ab exercise session. I used to do bout 500, but now i’m changing it up and doing 200 quality ab crunches.. meaning i’m going real slow with the crunch.



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