Yesterday was rest / cheat day due to circumstances. So today it was time to push myself again. Do it yourself home workouts. ^_^ My last circuit training was on Monday. But even though my house is not fully equipped like a gym I will always find one way to have a pool of sweat before me. This was my home workout. Give it a try and have a fat blasting session! ^_^


Warmup: 10run

Circuit of 3 sets of 3 exercises,No REST between exercises
Set 1: Work 30s x 2 rounds
Burpee & mule kick + mountainclimber + jumping lunges

Set 2: work 30s x 2 rounds
side taps + mountainclimber + dynamic squats

Set 3: Work 30s x 2 rounds
mule kick + mountainclimber +side taps.

Abs: hanging leg raises 15×3

After all that i felt a lot happier. I was really very lazy when i woke up, but i forced myself to do it. it’s a must. You don’t get results by being lazy!


Food intake

Brunch: Dry Chicken slices , broccoli and carrots, mango

Dinner: Chicken again.



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