Didn’t have time to do a full fledge workout but this was enough to kill me in the morning. i have this perception in my head where i prefer doing workouts before eating anything for the entire day. I was also kissed by the morning sun ^_~ Try this work out to give yourself a boost blast in the morning. Didn’t take more than 15minutes.. however it made me feel like it was for ever.


Circuit 1 : each exercise 15s, no rest, do 3 sets
Dynamic squats + high knees + dynamic squats + mule kick + dynamic squats + mountainclimber

Circuit 2 : each exercise 15s, no rest, do 3 sets
Side taps + squats + side taps + running on the spot + side taps + mule kicks

Only One Body. Love it. Work it!

Food Intake

Morning: Pinnacle Energy Meal Replacement Bar

Lunch: Black Tea with Cranberry Jelly and basil Seeds. Then the same meal replacement bar from Pinnacle.

Dinner: Two Kebabs from Kebab King ( was starving!!!!)



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