The day of the shoot.. Hee that’s a story by itself ^_^ . So on the day of photoshoot.. i really contemplated to just rest and probably eat whatever i wanted however, i felt the pang of guilt. Instead i decided to do at least something. Hence i managed a very simple circuit enough to kill me for the day.. bare in mind i did this with barely any food in i was already pretty weakened. lol

Give it a go, i’m sure you can do better than me 😉


Warm up: 7min jog
Circuit 1 : 30s : 20s : 20s : 20s
Burpee + mountain climber + lizard + knee to chest

Circuit 2 : 30s : 20s : 20s : 20s
Burpee + mountain climber + alternating froggie + side taps

Circuit 3 : 30s : 20s : 20s : 20s
Burpee + mountain climber + froggers + side taps

(decline leg raises 20 sit ups 20) x 3 sets
Ab crunch machine 17.5kg 20×4

As i stated on facebook.. other than my family and work at Redfm keeping me happy. I’m happiest when i train. Training is my happy zone ^_^



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