My chest and triceps are still sore from yesterday. So not doing any upper body but it’s full concentration on lower body. LEG WORKOUT DAY! Yay!!!

Yes, i love working out my legs, one of my favourite body parts.

Workout Routine

Warm up: 20mins on the wave machine (don’t like >.<)

Leg Workout:
Hack Squat: 20lbs 15-20-20-20
(Leg Curl 20.5kg 15rep + Jumping Lunges 20rep) x 3 sets
Glutes Kickback: 20lbs each leg 12reps 3sets
Leg Press: 60kg 15reps 3 sets

Nautilus Ab Crunch 20.5kg 20reps 5 sets
Ab Coaster Crunch 40lbs 20reps 5 sets


Food Intake
Morning: two wholemeal bread with vegemite, oats and 5 pitted prunes

Lunch: protein powerbar and fat free strawberry yoghurt

Dinner: Sunshine Kebab! Yummers Read about this healthy and delicious kebab here. Today i took mixed meat, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno. No sauce. Later on still hungry s ate, broccoli, peas and carrots.



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