Workout at Celebrity Fitness Malaysia

Cardio: 30mins

Chest Workout
Set 1:Chest press 30×3 (20lbs) alt 5 burpees last set 10 burpees
Set 2:Lat pulldown 20×3 (20lbs) alt with 5,7,10 tuck jump
Set 3:Shoulder press 15×3 20lbs
Abs crunches 200

Food Intake

Oats and a banana

Wrapped tortila with roasted and added terriyaki chicken. Mountains of lettuce, tomato, olives, pickles and jalapeno.

Dinner: Honestly one of the best places to have a healthy meal is at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Malaysia ..Why? Their chicken is cooked to wonderful healthy golden roasted  perfection.Everytime when i go to Kenny Rogers Roasters, i always order the Quarter chicken but it has to be the chicken breast, two portions of Crisp salad and tomoato cucumber salad.. nice and proportionate! Just have it before 9pm ^_~

If I was on the strict strict diet, i would skip the muffin. Less carbs at night people!




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