I’m always a big fan of kebabs because they are fast to prepare and just as healthy as you getting a sandwich from say subway. Currently i’m on the hunt of finding heathy and convenient food in KL, especially ones that are close to my gym. So imagine how happy i was when a new kebab stall opened up at Midvalley.. and of all places at the food court!! I’m not generally a fan of food courts cause the foods are sometimes overpriced and not fabulous. But House of Kebab made into my exception list.


They have other things you can order too.

It isn’t as big/long as Sunshine Kebab. The meat is not as dry as how i would prefer it to be, but the meat juices is enough to give the taste that you need. You can opt for no sauce in your kebab. The kebab is made fresh for you and boy was it pipping hot when i bit into it. Tasty! For me it’s a good alternative to sandwiches and its sooo incredibly close to the gym.


Price is pretty fair. Meat fillings vary of course.


Kebab with chicken filling = RM7.95
Kebab with beef filling = RM8.95

Location: Midvalley Megamall Food court, 3rd Floor



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