I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my very first day i went on air with RedFM. The beginning of huge changes in my life…

The journey of being a RedFM Radio Jock!

It still seems surreal. It doesn’t feel like a year, but more like a few years since i’ve been on the radio.

I could almost laugh as i think about it now. Looking back at the calendar this was how it started.. with 1 week only to train with the other senior RedFM radio jocks. Then finally put on the weekend shift to give myself a test at going on air.. wow.. it’s been one year.



 I got up early in the morning at 4am made my way to the studio and it was pitch black. I remember having to worries in my head. One that I would sound silly on air or i may fumble and Two that i might see unwanted things in the studio. HAHAHAHA! Hey in every company there will be people who love to tell you ghost stories and my imagination just loves running wild.

Anyway back to the story..

So i woke up at 4am, left in like 15 minutes and i was there 1 and half hours before the show which was the 6am-10am slot on a weekend. On the way to RedFM studio, i was just busy thinking oh gosh i hope i remember to press the right button.. There are a lot of buttons and nobs .. some to touch and some to never EVER touch!



and here’s one of the main reasons i love the new Facebook timeline.. i get to take a look back at the past statuses i wrote in life.. what exactly happened at that moment in time. It’s a brilliant thing.. an online diary.. here’s my first post as a RedFM jock 🙂 if not for the timeline.. i think i wouldn’t have remembered what was the date of this anniversary 🙂



And of course i wouldn’t miss the opportunity to cam whore a bit.. with the big huge huge mic at the old RedFM studio.


And now it’s a year.. from RedFM weekend slot to the RedFM Evening slot to RedFM Late Night Love Songs slot.. which was where it really really started..


and finally now to my own segment.. The RedFM Eleven to Three ^_^


If you have been listening to me and also my colleagues at RedFM, a big


Nothing is possible without you fabulous listeners!

Great memories.. truly some really great memories. I can’t wait to make more of them with you and RedFM.



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