As I entered the salon I was greeted by Kim and Hsu hui both lovely cheery girls. The ambiance is lovely cause I felt every welcome. Met with Shaun who would be taking care of my hair from now on.

I was delighted with the consultation and very impressed as he had gone through my Instagram and previous hair colors to get a feel of what would be suitable for me. He originally suggested doing a dark brown to with pink and purple…. Which after much talk in and viewing Pinterest we decided to just go with bleaching my entire head to 3 striking colors. Lovvvvvvveeeeee.

A goodbye shot before the hair change

Beginning the hair journey, Shaun brought me to the private / VIP room for customers… Awww that made me feel special. teehee

Then he handed me over to his assistant Sin Yee who proceeded to wash my hair. Using tansan water, which really cleans out the dirt, bacteria and any kind of debry in my hair. The tansan water is carbonated water aka sparkling water, which gave me a nice scalp massage. Two round of that followed by wash. You have to try it to know the full experience. The foam and bubbles you see is a combo of dirt. Gakkkkk but Ahin Yee said its normal for the customers doing it the first time.

First time bleaching my entire head!!! Since I had random strips of blonde had to bleach it in 3 stages. Shaun said the mission was to even out the tone.First stage just the top but not the roots. Second stage applying bleach to the rest of the hair. Then roots last, cause the bleach will get in immediately. Wash with treatment. Followed by another round of bleaching to get it platinum blonde.

hello blondie

Then the color stages.

It began with the red at the top and then the pink followed by the purple. I felt do bad cause it does take time to get the strands to blend nicely. Once done its treatment time. It was done in three steps which I’ll get into more detail next time. But they have the coolest treatment ever. They use something called an ultrasonic iron. Looks just like a heating iron but there’s no heat and it will cause vibrations,thus not harmin the hair…. Point is that it’s good la. Cause my haired didn’t feel or look as dry as I thought it would.

Ta Da!!!

I’m very very verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy with the hair color and the service. Completely amazing. It took 6 hours but completely worth the wait. I highly recommend going to Number76. You don’t have to go crazy like me but it’s good to know that there is a salon that can give the funky colors I want whilst making it soft.

A big thank you to Shaun, Sin Yee and number 76 for this amazing do! Go find them ok.


Find out more about theme here: Facebook: 76Style

Really can’t get enough of the colour!

And below is the price list. 🙂

Price List

Hair design
Hair cut, Blow dry & Finish
Senior Stylist – RM76
Director – RM98
Senior Director – RM138
CEO – RM168
Children’s (13 – 19) – 30% Off
Children’s (6 – 12) – 50% Off
Children’s (Under 5) – Free of charge
Shampoo, Style & Finish – RM 40
Specialty Updo – RM 100? (by consultation)
Hair Color (Services begin at listed prices; additional charge for long hair)
Touch up – RM 120?
Short – RM 180
Medium – RM 220
Long – RM 260
Highlights by consultation
Perm & Rebonding (Services begin at listed prices; additional charge for long hair)
RM 200?
Rebonding Touch up
RM 300?
Rebonding Full head
RM 400?
Treatment (Ultra Sonic Iron) – RM 250
Treatment (Damaged hair) – RM 90
Prosynergy, PGS (Repair) – RM 160
Scalp Care
Scalp massage & Treatment – RM 100? RM200
Sparkling Scalp (Tansan) experience – RM50 & RM90
Hair Extension
Per strand/ piece (stick-on) – RM 20? final price upon consultation
Make-up Service
Full make-up – RM 120
Touch-up – RM 80
Men’s make-up – RM 40



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