This week I’ll be flying off to Phuket and I wanted to look good for my holiday.

I’ll be honest that I haven’t been very good with my diet lately in the past three weeks. Let me tell you how bad, in one day I had a lot of muruku, two mini magnums, gummi bears and chocolate. That’s just the snacking part, I haven’t even stated the actual meals. My point is that I’ve been slacking, hence I decided to give the GM Diet a second try cause it did help me out the first time. You can read it here: and here’s the full plan:

I shall say for this round, I did not weigh myself, cause that was not the objective. This time I did it for as a way to reset and detox my body, cause I think I really needed it. Anyways I can tell you that now my body feels a lot better, maybe a bit weak at times from the lack of carbs. But it feels a lot lighter, not as bloated and my body isn’t craving for the bad stuff as much. Doing a diet like this also really goes to show, if you want to see changed in your body, you have to hit the right kind of diet first.

Having said that, of course it’s always always important to add workouts to your regimes. I just didn’t have the time this week and I was also hit with a slight flu bug. Oh can I also recommend that if you are getting sick, please don’t do the diet, cause it kinda wears you out and get you a bit irritated. Other than that I’ll say the result is not all that bad. Look on below at the food I had and what I look like on the last two days.

Day 1 was all fruits, fruits, fruits but no banana.

Day 2 involved veggies and what I did was prep the GM Wonder Soup which is essentially a vegetable soup la. I tossed in lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, capsicum and the one thing I didn’t mean to put in was a chicken cube. It was really suppose to be just sea salt, but my help got ahead of me and tossed it in. Ah well. It tasted good though and it lasted me for about 2 days.

Day 4.. I still say this is the dumbest day ever. 7 bananas and milk. Took all my will power to not just cave. Note that your pee will be clear, goes to show how much toxins are in your body when you don’t watch your food. All that salt!

Day 5 was bliss cause I could finally be a carnivore again!!! Beef and tomatoes.

Day 6 was Beef and veggies. This is the result so far.

Day 7 Brown rice finally!!! I have never been so happy to eat JUST brown rice with a bit of salt. Most glorious taste my tongue ever had. Lol such a drama queen. But embrace the brown rice.

Here’s the final result.



  1. June 3, 2016

    Do you have any pictures of yourself before the gm diet?

    • June 30, 2016

      Hey thanks for the message.The pictures are in the post and the previous GM diet post buddy. Unless the links are broken.

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