Bout a week or so, Adidas launched it’s latest running shoe. The Adidas BOOST! Was given a pair to try out and I wasn’t too sure what to expect out of the shoe. Yes it was comfortable, yes it looked good…and what’s the major factor? It gives an extra bounce when you run!!

UntitledTogether with my fellow Adidas sistahs. Fay Hokulani and Soraya (left pic). Jessica from Adidas and Hanie Hidayah (Right Pic)

Before I get to the shoe.. I just have to say thank you to Adidas for letting me try it before anyone else and I LOVE the packaging of the shoe box. It has my name on it and it also came with other BOOST goodies – new running shorts (YAY!) and new running top (DOUBLE YAY!)

If you’re wondering what’s inside the small box. It contains a steel ball and an Adidas thumbdrive. The steel ball when dropped onto the BOOST foam with have a better bounce compared to that of industry standard foam (aka EVA). However I’ve found a use for the steel ball and I’m using it to roll on the soles of my feet. It’s sort of a triggerpoint exercise to release the tense muscles after a serious running/training session. Hey might as well make use of it, rather than have it as deco.


Ok. Now on to the BOOST! When I first took back my pair, I walked around with it and I noticed there was slight air to my walking. I’m very picky with my shoes especially when it comes to running because I want the shoe to give me the right kind of cushioning I need when impact hits on my foot. That’s exactly what the BOOST did for me, which I can concur that no other shoe has been able to give me this comfort before.

 Getting on to the threadmill, that was when I realised there was a slight difference when I was running.

adidas run

and here’s their epic video!

Here are some close up shots of the BOOST.


Front view. The BOOST has the traditional tongue and lace design.The shoe is stretchable and made out of breathable mesh that will fit your foot like a sock.  The power bands around the shoe can help stabilise your foot when it is in motion.


 Sideview.  Don’t be fooled even though the foam is thick the shoe is still pretty light, IMO. Inside the shoe there is none of the multi-density foam or other intrusions that are so common.


Underneath and you can see that it is also compatible with the Adidas MiCoach.


It boils down to the unique cushioning of the Adidas BOOST. Take a good look at the foam. The idea is that you get to maximise on energy when running cause of the revolutionary cushioning material. The cushion/foam is called TPU, is literally blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules. These capsules store and unleash energy, providing the highest energy return in the running industry.

Conclusion: I highly recommend you give these shoes a try if you are looking for a new pair of running shoes. Trust me once you wear it and have a go at it be it walking or running, you’ll see why I thoroughly enjoy using these shoes to train.

Where to buy The Adidas Energy BOOST?

Price: Retails at RM550 for both men and women.
Location: Adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Suria KLCC (Level 3) & Sunway Pyramid (Level 2).
More details:

Happy running! ^_^



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