Got my new program for the month! Finally caught up with Coach Ben and i’m glad that he sees improvements. It’s a positive feedback, since the first phase was not meant to shape me as much as this phase. I can only assume my body is reacting well for now…. my biggest worry, is that the changes won’t happen. But the main thing is to trust my coach and the process.

I’m now on a 4 day on 1 day off training program and it was coupled with a hectic week. Leading up into Chinese New year which is this week!

All the same, staying focus and learn new things about my body. Side note period is over yay but I’m spotting.. It sucks and that is mostly due to my PCOS problem. I’ll talk about that more in the next video.

Thank you again for watching!

New Vlog Update on my journey to comp is out next Monday!

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