Week 4, it’s the week of the Chinese New Year Weekend. The holidays just don’t stop here in Malaysia. Which means there will be lots of temptations. i’ve been a good girls it’s been 27 days and I’ve been clean, but coach Ben finally allowed me a cheatmeal for the holidays! Totally savoured every bit of the treat i had before me.

i apologise that it’s a rather lengthy video and it became such a girly one… but sorry not sorry lol.

By the way at the end of the video, I’m giving away 2 tubs of Pharmafreak Vegan Freak Protein. To win a tub for yourself just comment below by completing this line.

“Hi Linora, I would like a tub Pharmafreak Vegan Freak Protein because…… and my favourite workout is………”

Good luck and give me your best line. I’ll pick a winner and announce it in my following Vlog next Monday! 🙂

Thanks again for following my journey.

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