World Cup 2010 I'll Miss You - Linora Low
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World Cup 2010 I’ll Miss You

World Cup 2010 I’ll Miss You

This year, this World Cup, has got to be my most memorable one yet.

I can finally get back to proper sleeping “disorders” haha.

It all started with just a simple audition and a meet up. Then next thing you know there I am giving match predictions for the most highly anticipated and watched sport of all time. Now i just have to wait for 3 years or rather 1414 days till the next World Cup in Brazil.. hehe.

The experience has been amazing. The support, encouragement, feedback and people have been wonderful at Astro. The team – if i could make a hand gesture like how the Italians do when they find the food just magnifique –  is just “mwuah”. Oh oh and it makes even cooler that you get to meet people such as the ever cool Abbas Saad (ex Australia International player) and of course Lee Sharpe (ex Manchester United winger and England player) whoooooaaaa.

So let’s just show some shots on my last day of predicting. Of course that was the nail biting end Spain vs Holland. Both teams never won the World Cup before. So that night history was made. So I’m really honored that I got to be a part of World Cup history. In my own way.. let me just bask in it for a minute and think how cool it is hehe 😛

Moving on to pictures of from the Third Place match and the World Cup Final

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