The Wanted Interview - Linora Low
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The Wanted Interview

The Wanted Interview

Monday morning would usually mean, i would like to sleep in but for the life of me, i had to wake up that morning and prep myself. why?

Because of The Wanted!

The boy band The Wanted came down and Red FM had the pleasure of interviewing them. All thanks to the lovely people at Universal. It was roughly 12pm, Jeremy, Arnold, Mynn and I had gotten ourselves to the One World Hotel. And waited like foreverrrrrr. No i’m kidding, we didn’t wait too long for the boys, in fact it was a good wait. Setting felt rather formal at first but the minute the boys entered, it was all fun and games. Check out the interview we did with them..

Oh.. and i just have to mention two things.

1. Jeremy had offered myself and Mynn as the sacrificial “virgins” to the boys lol. Which i found hilarious and also made a good opening joke to warm the group.

2. We were all saying our goodbyes and i got a peck on the cheek from each singer.. swoooooonnn. lol. Bragging rights??  yeah man. Mynn got her share too! Jeremy and Arnold.. both parties (RedFM boys and Wanted boys) decided to stay clear from that lolololol.

(L-R) Nathan, Siva, Linora, Jeremy, Mynn, Tom, Jay, Max and Arnold

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