Cheer 2011 Launch - Linora Low
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Cheer 2011 Launch

Cheer 2011 Launch

When i first watched Eliza Dushku in the film “Bring It On” I fell in love with the concept of Cheerleading. Actually – i more so feel in love with how cool she was. Cheerleading.. it’s always been seen as a cool thing, when you watch all these American films on how the popular girl would be the cheerleader and the popular guy would be the jock/quarterback of the football team or something… Lol superficial to some extent. But what i do love now, is how cheerleading is becoming such a widespread “competitive sport”. I always wondered what it would be like to be a cheerleader. Back in my days, there was not such thing as cheerleading competitions.. there was only well “gymrama” which is a pale comparison of what is suppose to be cheering on your sports house. LOL, sure does bring back my memories of Sports day in school. Would you also have guessed my sports house was the RED House hehe.

Anyway…  I had the wonderful pleasure of emceeing the launch of Cheer 2011 on Thursday. The press conference was held at Studio V at One Utama and it was a real blast.

Emceeing with me for the day was Tuah aka Tyzo from Suria FM. Suria FM happens to be our sister company that is the Malay radio station. It was awesome working with him and we had a good sync going on, hehe ^_^ always an essential thing when you are partnering with another person.

TheStar :R.A.G.E is the official organiser of Cheer 2011. Cheer is a nationwide inter-school cheerleading competition and this year marks the 12th year of this wonderful event. The sponsors as you can see from the photo are Marigold, SilkyGirl and Sugus.

Here we are Tyzo and I with last years Cheer 2010 Champions -Cyrens from Sri Kuala Lumpur. The girls were once placed as number 20 and they came out tops last year. On my left is the captain of Cyrens Shu Fei. I saw their winning performance and i have to say their routine was awesome.Check it out.

They had to return the trophy this year for this years winner, but i do wish them all the best for this years Cheer competition.

Team Cyrens giving us another pose ^_^

Melissa from TheStar marketing and I. Love the cute tiny litte bunting.


and a funny pose with Bobby from TheStar ^_^

I do hope to see you guys at the finals on the 9th and 10th of July. Happening at Bukit Jalil Stadium!

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